JC Fodale Energy Services locates in Morgan County

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.30.09 AMJC Fodale Energy Services, LLC, an oilfield services and product provider based in Shreveport, LA, has located in Morgan County at 5950 South East SR 60, between Neeleysville and the Washington County line.

“We operate in nine states including: Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania,” said Christine Buchanan, a recruiter for JC Fodale Energy Services. “We have only been in the McConnelsville area for about two months but we are here to stay.”

Buchanan explained that JC Fodale Energy Services is now working in Ohio from Zanesville to Wheeling, WV.

“This location in Morgan County, at least for now, is our home-base. Our oper- ation will be run from here,” explained Buchanan. “The company’s intention is to expand by eventually adding two more sites, like this McConnelsville area site, somewhere between Zanesville and Wheeling.”

According to Buchanan, JC Fodale Energy Services has already hired about 50 people since locating in Ohio. The com- pany plans to hire local people, build the community and use local providers.

“Growth is happening quickly here. We have been extremely busy today and everyday,” commented Buchanan. “We are excited. There is a whirlwind of energy and even fun going on today and we will include the Morgan County community in the growth.”

JC Fodale Energy Services is a woman- owned corporation, member of ISNET World, PEC Premier, and DSIA programs supported by the oil industry.

“With safety being our number one pri- ority, we pride ourselves on a safe work environment at all times. Safety is our cul- ture.” said Buchanan. “Our vast list of services and products include contain- ment, containment berms, vacuum trucks, wireline/TCP, hot oil trucks, chemicals, lay down machines, mixing plants, acid tanks, frac tanks, gas busters, safety equipment, safety trailers, environmental clean up, trucking, heavy equipment and frac water heaters. We are available 24/7, 365 days per year.”

JC Fodale Energy Services’s mission statement goal is to be recognized in its industry as the premier leader in oilfield energy services. They are dedicated to providing the safest work environments, ensuring superior customer service and being the company of choice most admired for its partnership and performance.

JC Fodale Energy Services was a final- ist in the 2014 Southwest Oil & Gas Awards held October 23 at the Westin Park Central in Dallas, TX, and was second only to Halliburton as Oilfield Services Company of the year.

It was an honor for JC Fodale to be chosen as a finalist, especially considering this was the company’s first time partici- pating! JC Fodale is also a finalist in Oklahoma City in the same category, as well as again in March 2015.

According to Buchanan, the core values at the heart of JC Fodale Energy Services include: providing maximum health and safety in the work environment, integrity, commitment to excellence and drive for results, superior customer service, accountability, fair and honest practices, good environmental stewardship, strengthening the community, fostering local relationships, and relentless improvement.

From Morgan County Herald  |  December 10, 2014