Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing has a long, successful heritage in eastern and southern Ohio. The region boasts some of the largest food manufacturing facilities in the United States and has a concentration of food processing workforce 51% above the national average. Our regional work force is well versed in manufacturing and food processing, and our operating costs are below national averages.

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Ohio’s food value chain, coupled with a versatile infrastructure, abundant fresh water, low cost natural gas and competitive business climate, give companies the ability to obtain raw materials, produce goods, and deliver products to market with greater efficiency.

Abundant transportation options traverse eastern and southern Ohio to move raw materials and finished goods to market. Four lane highways, multiple class 1 and short line railroads and Ohio River access is available across the region.

Southeast Ohio is a one day drive to more than 60% of the United States and Canadian populations.

Food manufacturing stats

Why Ohio Southeast


Southeast Ohio is connected through major US interstate, four lane quality highways.


355 miles of Ohio River shoreline border our region with access to five major terminals on the Ohio River Inland Waterway.


Rail service includes Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation, local and regional railroads.


Southeast Ohio is in close proximity to intermodal facilities in Columbus and local transload facilities.

Regional Snapshot

Key Regional Assets

From growers and producers, processors, packaging, distributors, retailers and ultimately consumers, the entire value chain is located in Southeast Ohio.

Southeast Ohio’s central location and multiple transportation options offer efficient, cost-effective ways to obtainraw materials, produce goods, and deliver food to market.

With its agrarian history and numerous colleges and universities offering agricultural programs and degrees, Ohio has all levels of talent, from entry-level workers to management-level executives, ready to help companies reach success.

Several national brands are already thriving in Southeastern Ohio:

Well known Michelina’s Frozen Meals are made at Bellisio Foods in Jackson, Ohio.

Your game time favorite, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, are made at the General Mills facility in Wellston, Ohio.

All of your Oscar Meyer bacon cravings are met at the Kraft facility in Coshocton, Ohio.

Fast Facts

  • Ohio has the fourth largest interstate highway system in the nation

  • Ohio ranked 5th Best Regulatory Environment by Forbes Magazine

  • Great market access by highway, rail & Ohio River barge

  • Taxes, wage rates, and utility costs below national and regional averages

  • Over 1,300 food manufacturers call Ohio home

  • Ohio is the 3rd largest state measured by manufacturing output

I Can Help

Katy Farber, OhioSE VP, directly oversees the OhioSE-JobsOhio project management efforts. She was an OhioSE Project Manager for five years, working with eight of the southern-most counties in the region prior to her vice presidency promotion.

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Southeastern Ohio is the Choice

“Case Farms is very excited to help create more jobs within the great state of Ohio and are very appreciative of the support from the JobsOhio-OhioSE team and the governments and communities in Winesburg, Holmes County and other surrounding areas. Without them, this project would not have been possible.”

Mike Popowycz Vice Chairman and CFO, Case Farms

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