Our Best Asset: Our Talent

The Ohio Southeast Region has a work force of over 440,000 people. While we have diverse local economies, the historic and continuing economic engines of our region are the traded sectors: manufacturing, energy, and agriculture. These industries require specialize skills and hard work. Companies in our region routinely report that facilities have higher productivity and lower turnover than facilities in other locations. Competition for workers is less, and a good job is valued here.

“We chose Ohio for the expansion due to the reliable workforce that exists in Holmes County and its surrounding areas and the growing customer demand to expand our presence in Ohio. Case Farms is very excited to help create more jobs within the great state of Ohio and are very appreciative of the support from the JobsOhio-OhioSE team and the governments and communities in Winesburg, Holmes County and other surrounding areas. Without them, this project would not have been possible.” 

Mike Popowycz: Vice Chairman and CFO, Case Farms

The Ohio Southeast Region sends 98,000 workers outside of the region to major metro areas to go to work (1 in 4 of our workers). This is a pool of talented people who are likely spending 2-4 hours a day commuting. For comparable work, they would likely prefer to work closer to home.

From a labor cost standpoint, wages will vary by skill levels and locations. On average, wages in the region are 90% of the national average. 

88,000 students are enrolled on average in 31 higher education institutions throughout the region where 35,000 credentials are awarded each year. Ohio Southeast has a ready and available workforce waiting for your investment: skilled, ready labor with competitive wage offerings.


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