Company Expanding In Harrison County

Nzg5OTk5ZjY3N2M4_6043HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio — An Ohio business with ties to Harrison County is boasting business expansion. Ceramic welding company Fuse Tech Inc., is expanding. There are only about a dozen employees right now, eight of which work out of Harrison County. But soon that number could jump, thanks to a new facility that will be popping up right next door. Fuse Tech’s owner, workers from the company, Harrison County commissioners, and various business leaders broke ground on a new 5,000-square foot facility next to the current facility located along N. Main Street on Thursday morning. The space will be used for blending and mixing raw product — work that used to be done in Alabama. Employees say this new facility will be cost-saving for the company in the long run, and will give them better control over their business. It will also make them more competitive. “When you have a company that’s already here that can grow again, and hopefully once they get this phase done they can grow again also,” Harrison County Commissioner Dale Norris said. “We look forward to that and we look forward to working with people like that.” “(We were) always hopeful there is a good future for us,” Fuse Tech owner Donald Shamp said. “We hope there is so. We’re an international company, (we) spend a lot of time with Ohio companies, but all over the country … The more customers we have, the more product we can sell, and the more we’ll need this facility.” The price tag on the expansion is $700,000. Work will begin right away and if the weather cooperates, the company hopes to be operating out of the new building by January. 

From  |  October 16, 2014