American Heavy Plate Solutions, LLC Expanding Monroe County Operations

American Heavy Plate Solutions, LLC, in collaboration with JobsOhio, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) and the Monroe County Port Authority,  today announced it is investing $10 million in its Hannibal (Monroe County) facility.

Established in 2018, American Heavy Plate Solutions operates from space (more than 200,000 square feet) leased through the Monroe County Port Authority in the Hannibal Industrial Park. The company produces steel plates and manufactures parts for multiple industries, including heavy equipment, oil and gas and automotive. Currently, the company ships finished goods to more than 40 states.

American Heavy Plate Solutions plans to invest $10 million to purchase manufacturing machinery and equipment designed to increase production throughput and increase the range of products it can manufacture. The additional heat treat capacity will provide new growth opportunities for the company aside from its own manufactured products.

Through the project, American Heavy Plate Solutions will be creating 15 new jobs during the course of the next three years. Currently, the company has approximately 130 employees.

To facilitate the expansion, about 17,000 square feet of the roof at the Industrial Park will be repaired.

JobsOhio supported the project with a $100,000 JobsOhio Revitalization Grant and Ohio Southeast Economic Development assisted the company with the grant process. The Monroe County Port Authority will provide the additional funds needed for the roof repair project. American Heavy Plate Solutions is the largest tenant in the Hannibal Industrial Park, which is owned by the Monroe County Port Authority.

The JobsOhio Revitalization Program offers loans and grants to bridge the financial gap between the appealing cost of brownfield sites and the cost of site redevelopment. This program mitigates financial risk and accelerates projects, returning land and buildings to productive use more efficiently.

“Along with our partners at JobsOhio, we welcome Heavy Plate Solutions’ continued growth in Hannibal, where it will add 15 new jobs,” said Mike Jacoby, OhioSE president. “Revitalizing Heavy Plate Solution’s space at the Hannibal Industrial Park will ensure its steel plate production moves forward as the company continues to diversify its growing customer base.”

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