Starr’s Auto Body, LLC Expanding to Ross County

Starr’s Auto Body, LLC, in collaboration with JobsOhio, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) and the Greater Chillicothe and Ross County Development, today announced it is investing more than $2,200,000 to create a new production facility in Chillicothe, Ross County.

A family owned and operated company, Starr’s Auto Body does automotive and truck repair and upgrades in McArthur, Ohio and is expanding its operations into the Chillicothe, Ohio area.

Starr’s Auto Body has developed long-term relationships with several companies that have facilitated this expansion. This will also significantly increase the production footprint for the Vinton County-based business.

The company is acquiring a facility on Eastern Avenue in Chillicothe along with equipment to reach full scale operation.

When asked what are the qualities that have generated this growth, Dan Starr, Owner, said that “we have emphasized a high quality of service and value to customers, on-time delivery, integrity and constant focus on the employees who facilitated the growth.”

He also added that his faith in God and the resulting blessings have made this opportunity achievable.

JobsOhio supported the project with a $200,000 JobsOhio Economic Development Grant and Ohio Southeast Economic Development assisted the company with the grant process. The Greater Chillicothe & Ross County Development Department has pledged to assist the company with workforce training.

“We are excited to welcome Starr Auto Body to Ross County,” said Tammy Eallonardo of Greater Chillicothe & Ross County Development. “Their investment brings new jobs and new opportunities to our community.”

The JobsOhio Economic Development Grant focuses on fixed-asset and infrastructure investment by companies. Those investments can include land, building and infrastructure as well as machinery and equipment. Eligibility requirements for this grant can be found at

Today, Starr’s Auto Body, LLC was awarded a Job Creation Tax Credit by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. This credit will grant the company benefits based on the new payroll it creates in Ross County.

“Starr Auto Body’s continued expansion is a remarkable success story for our region,” said OhioSE President Mike Jacoby. “We are thankful to have assisted Starr ramp up operations in the OhioSE region.”

“The expansion of Starr’s Auto Body demonstrates the opportunity for growth that businesses can find in Ohio,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO. “Through years of outstanding service as a supplier, this Ohio-owned business is opening a second facility in a neighboring county and adding 150 new high-paying jobs for hardworking Ohioans.”

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