Sperry & Rice Growing in Killbuck, Ohio

Sperry & Rice, an advanced engineering and manufacturing company with locations in Brookville, Indiana, and Killbuck, Ohio, today announced plans to expand business operations in Holmes County.  The planned growth is a part of a strategic business initiative by the company to better utilize its Killbuck location to increase production for its customers.

Sperry & Rice has been in the rubber, sponge and plastic business since the 1940’s providing innovative engineering solutions, advanced manufacturing processes, and comprehensive quality controls to produce precision rubber and cellular components. The company specializes in high-quality components that meet exacting specifications for customers across diverse industries including appliances, automotive, HVAC, and trucks and buses.

According to Randy Dobbs, CEO of Sperry & Rice, “We plan to make a significant investment to implement this strategic expansion,” Dobbs indicated. “The investment includes the purchase of new manufacturing equipment, upgrades to existing equipment and costs associated with finding and retaining good employees.”

JobsOhio and its regional partner OhioSE provided a $200,000 grant to use in the purchase of new equipment and the upgrade of existing equipment to support the expected growth. 

Dobbs indicated, “The offer of assistance from JobsOhio played an important role in the final decision to grow the operation in Killbuck.” Sperry & Rice plans to create 30 new jobs at the Killbuck facility over the next three years. 

“We are thrilled that Sperry & Rice has chosen to invest in expanding operations in Killbuck,” said Mark Leininger, Director, Holmes County Economic Development Council. “In recent years, the community suffered a significant loss of jobs with the departure of a large employer, so we are pleased that Sperry & Rice will be adding a number of attractive employment positions,” Leininger added.

”We are extremely pleased to support the investment and job creation by Sperry & Rice,” said OhioSE President Mike Jacoby. “Sperry & Rice has a long history of ingenuity and quality products. Holmes County has a reputation for an excellent work force. It’s a powerful combination.”

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