Red Tail Design Company Grows Business and Impact in Athens County

In 2022, Red Tail Design Company invested over $100,000 to expand its business in Athens County, Ohio, purchasing new machinery and equipment to support production growth and fulfill its growing demand. The purchase was supported by a JobsOhio Small Business Grant of $25,000.

Red Tail Design Company is a multifaceted design shop that tackles small projects, large projects, and everything in between. Owner Tim Martin took over the web design company Electronic Vision (EV) in 2015 and evolved the company into a full-service design shop as Red Tail Design.

In 2022, the company needed to upgrade its lasers to speed up production, add capacity to handle larger jobs, and increase production capacity.

“We used the JobsOhio Small Business Grant to help pay a down payment on our new laser engraver/cutter that we wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy otherwise,” said Martin. “This sped up production, gave us a larger capacity, and increased the quality of the products we create for our retail business and wholesale orders.”

Martin said programs like the JobsOhio Small Business Grant are important for businesses in Southeast Ohio because the region is often overlooked. “We need a boost to compete with businesses in larger cities,” he said. “Our word of mouth often doesn’t have as large a reach in a rural area, and we often don’t have access to the same products, materials, and equipment that is more easily found in larger cities.”

“Receiving the JobsOhio Small Business Grant was a huge leg up in helping to make our small business more competitive in being able to produce more items and make them faster.”

Everything can cost more in a rural region, said Martin. “Which is why we try to locally source as much as possible. Most of the physical products we produce are made from wood that has seen a roughly flat price increase whereas the wood products we use that are not domestic grew in price by 300-400% and there are no domestic alternatives to the imports.”

The JobsOhio Small Business Grant provides grants to support the growth of small businesses that face unique challenges because they are either located in a qualifying zip code or are owned by an eligible population, which includes minorities, women, veterans, and people with disabilities. To qualify the company must have an eligible project and meet business size and industry requirements.

“Receiving the JobsOhio Small Business Grant was a huge leg up in helping to make our small business more competitive in being able to produce more items and make them faster,” said Martin. “With a small staff, being nimble and being able to produce a variety of things for our retail and wholesale business has been the key factor in keeping our business sustainable in a small town. It would have taken years to get to the point where we could afford to make upgrades and getting the grant was a huge help and helped relieve any stress of possibly having to take out a loan or dramatically increase sales to make it happen.”

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