OhioSE Celebrates 2024 Economic Development Week

Taking place from May 6 – 10, the week recognizes and honors the dedicated work of economic developers and their contributions to communities around the world.

Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) is proud to announce its participation in the 2024 Economic Development Week, a global initiative led by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

“As the local and regional economies evolve, the economic development profession must remain agile and responsive to change. The expertise of dedicated economic development professionals and organizations is vital in cultivating sustainable growth and prosperity,” said IEDC President & CEO Nathan Ohle. “This year’s Economic Development Week will showcase innovative community leadership driving collaboration and creating opportunities in their communities. I hope our communities and economic developers around the world will join us in celebrating the accomplishments of a profession full of passionate changemakers and community builders.”

The IEDC created Economic Development Week in 2016 to recognize the work that economic development organizations and professionals do in their communities. IEDC celebrates Economic Development Week every year, highlighting the programs, best practices and exceptional individuals that positively impact life in their communities. In just a few years the event has become one of the most widely recognized awareness weeks of its kind validating the, often unheralded, work of the economic development profession.

“Economic Development Week is a crucial time to reflect on our collective achievements across the region and to plan for a future of inclusive and sustainable growth,” said Katy Farber, vice president of OhioSE. “Economic Development is a team sport. We are so grateful to work alongside dedicated local economic development offices in each of our 25 counties.”

Over the past twelve years, OhioSE has built a strong team of 13 dedicated professionals, developed a brand, supported over 418 projects that have or will create over 12,000 jobs and invested over $15.7 billion in fixed asset capital. We have worked with JobsOhio to invest over $46 million of JobsOhio funds into speculative site and building development and redevelopment projects, helping to lay a foundation for future business growth in the region.

“The work of economic development happens behind the scenes and can take years to bear fruit. Sustaining a robust business retention and expansion program, working to add speculative buildings throughout the region, developing industrial parks and infrastructure, aligning local leaders and stakeholders, ensuring responsive workforce development programs, and executing business development campaigns requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication,” said OhioSE Vice President Katy Farber. “This week we pay tribute to those local economic development professionals doing the hard work every day to make their communities more prosperous.”

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Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) is the JobsOhio Network Partner for southern, eastern, and southeastern Ohio, providing economic development work and resources in 25 rural counties. Geographically the largest of the seven regions across the state, OhioSE partners closely with regional development districts, local economic development offices, state agencies, and other entities to expand, retain, and attract businesses in the counties they serve.