Logan Glass Technologies Bringing New Life to Hocking County Plant

Logan Glass Technologies, LLC, in collaboration with JobsOhio, Ohio Southeastern Economic Development (OhioSE) and the Hocking County Community Improvement Corporation, today announced plans to bring new life to a glass factory in Logan.

Logan Glass Technologies will invest $2.25 million, almost all of which will go for machinery and equipment, to retrofit the Savant/GE Lighting plant. Inside the renovated facility, Logan Glass Technologies will produce glass cullet for its use and other companies making fiberglass filtration media.

Logan Glass Technologies was formed in 2022 as a subsidiary of Superior Fibers, based in West Virginia. Founded in 1984 and owned by High Street Capital, Superior Fibers is establishing a new production facility for several reasons. For starters, it is losing some of its glass cullet supply the company currently purchases from Savant. Second, company leadership sees an opportunity to create a line of business that supplies other users of the cullet. Additionally, the plant will have excess space that the company could potentially lease to another business.

The project is expected to create 18 new jobs during the course of the next three years.

“Superior Fibers is excited about this acquisition,” said Lauren U. Peaslee, Human Resources manager for Superior Fibers, LLC. We started on Oct. 1, 2022 with 11 employees who have worked diligently to renovate the facility and we couldn’t thank them enough. Those 11 employees began producing cullet Nov. 30, 2022 and we have since added five employees.

“Logan Glass Technologies held open interviews on Jan. 30 and had a great turnout.  We are looking to add an additional seven to 10 headcount and more as the months go on.  Logan Glass Technologies is looking to increase production within the next month and we need more headcount to do that.  Logan is a great town, the community and the people have been nothing but supportive.  The company is looking forward to serving the Logan community.”

JobsOhio supported the project with a $65,000 JobsOhio Economic Development Grant and Ohio Southeast Economic Development assisted the company with the grant process. The Hocking County Community Improvement Corporation worked with the company to identify training assistance.

“When news of the glass plant closing began to circulate, the community collectively held its breath,” said Joy Davis, executive director of the Hocking County Community Improvement Corporation. “We’ve been through plant closures before. However, this time was much different.

“Representatives from Superior Fibers reached out to ask how they could get involved and potentially save the glass production facility. With assistance from JobsOhio and OhioSE and a strong desire by Superior Fibers, this project came to fruition, and glass is still being made in Logan, Ohio.”

The JobsOhio Economic Development Grant focuses on fixed-asset and infrastructure investment by companies. Those investments can include land, building and infrastructure as well as machinery and equipment. Eligibility requirements for this grant can be found at www.jobsohio.com/programs-services/incentives/economic-development-grant.

“We are extremely pleased to have played a role in this project,” said Mike Jacoby, OhioSE president. “I applaud Logan Glass Technologies and its parent company, Superior Fibers for the investment in Logan.

“We’re also appreciative of the assistance provided by JobsOhio. This project is another example of the importance of everyone working together to make great things happen in Southeast Ohio.”

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