Rural Is Cool

OhioSE offers the best kind of living arrangement – quaint smaller downtowns, ample outdoor activities, locally owned establishments (boutique shops, restaurants, coffee shops, tea houses, breweries, wineries and more), as well as sophisticated companies and people. And while we are rural – there are no metros in the OhioSE region – we have exceptional ease of access to several bigs cities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Ohio Southeast is rural AND home to sophisticated companies and people. We have 30 Fortune 500 companies in the region. (View map below; click to enlarge.)

A variety of public and private universities, community colleges and career/technical centers are spread throughout our twenty-five counties. Many work with existing companies to help fill their talent pipelines. (View map below; click to enlarge.)

Being rural also allows us to work more nimbly and collaboratively across a wide expanse. In fact, in 2019 we engaged 453 stakeholders and partners in thirty-six work sessions as part of our Regional Economic Prosperity Plan. 194 business people participated in the process throughout our 25-county region.

Being rural allows companies and individuals to save costs, plus reduce barriers and risk. The lower cost of living equals lower labor costs, lower real estate costs and lower tax rates. Ohio also has a tax structure very favorable to companies producing goods and services here and selling out of state. Learn more about our low cost of business here.

The cost of living and owning a home in Southeast Ohio is much less too, and certainly there is more opportunity for someone to make a big difference in a small town. The region has co-working spaces sprinkled throughout, allowing people to “live here and work anywhere.”

Why OhioSE? Let us count the ways! This short video showcases the natural beauty of the region as well as locally owned establishments and companies, festivals and other family fun, colleges and universities, music venues, sports, museums, art, culture, bed & breakfasts, markets, co-working spaces, and more.

We Are OhioSE!

Yes, #WeAreOhioSE and we are proud! Rural really is cool; who knew? We did! Use the hashtag #WeAreOhioSE to share your story and the cool things you’re doing in OhioSE!


Be seen and heard. Tell your story. Together we’ll show the world, or at least the people who visit this page that OhioSE is thriving, cool and open for business.


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