Holmes Siding Contractors Announces Expansion in Holmes County

Holmes Siding Contractors, Ltd., in collaboration with JobsOhio, the Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE), and The Holmes County Economic Development Council (HCEDC), today announced a commitment to invest over $10 million and plans to invest over $13.2 million to construct a new facility in Holmes County, creating 60 new jobs. A strategic partnership between JobsOhio and OhioSE will bolster Holmes Siding Contractors’ talent retention and recruitment strategies.

“Holmes Siding Contractors, an Ohio-founded manufacturer known for its high-quality construction products, has grown into a leading supplier over the past four decades,” said JobsOhio President and CEO of J.P. Nauseef. “The company’s decision to invest in a new, larger headquarters will allow Holmes Siding Contractors to scale as product demand increases, create additional in-demand jobs for hardworking Ohioans, and continue to build on its favorable reputation in the home construction industry.” 

Founded in 1984, Holmes Siding Contractors is a locally-owned and operated business based in Millersburg, Ohio. Holmes Siding Contractors DBA Holmes Manufacturing, based in Killbuck Ohio manufactures and sells aluminum building products. Over 40 years, the company has built a strong reputation of offering quality products, outstanding service, and competitive pricing.

“It has been a challenge for us to have the space we need with the growth opportunities we have had over the last two decades,” said Holmes Siding Contractors President, Todd W. Kandel. “We are looking forward to our new building in Killbuck where we will have room to accommodate our customers and their needs.”

Due to growing industry demand, the company’s existing facility is at maximum capacity. This investment includes the construction of a new, 165,000-square-foot building – more than twice the size of the existing building – to expand manufacturing operations and meet the demands of its customers.

“We were thrilled to learn of Holmes Siding Contractors’ planned expansion in Holmes County and are pleased to have the opportunity to help support the company’s sustained growth,” said Mark Leininger, Executive Director of Holmes County Economic Development. “We look forward to following the progress as the new facility takes shape and wish Todd and his partners many years of continued success.”

The project was supported by a tax credit from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. JobsOhio also plans to provide assistance which will be made public after a final agreement is executed.

“We congratulate Holmes Siding Contractors on the expansion of operations in Holmes County,” said OhioSE vice president, Katy Farber. “This part of the OhioSE region has a strong presence in supplying the construction industry and this growth keeps the company competitive while adding jobs and new investment in the region.”

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