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The Southeast Region of Ohio is centrally located and ideally situated for distribution. We are within a 10-hour drive of eight of the largest metro areas in the United States reaching most of the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast USA markets in one day’s drive. Anchored in the Midwest, Ohio is less susceptible to supply chain interruptions from hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and other unpredictable circumstances.

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Ohio is ideal for logistics and according to the annual Logistics Industry Health Report from the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University, Ohio receives the report’s highest rating based on the state’s total logistics industry income, employment, rail and road shipping volume, and transportation infrastructure spending.

The mighty Ohio River offers the cheapest way to move raw and finished bulk materials, stretching 355 miles along Southeast Ohio’s eastern and southern counties and offering an alternate shipping route to the Gulf of Mexico via the Tennessee-Tombigee Waterway.

Companies in Southeast Ohio may obtain import-export advantages through federally designated Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 138. Benefits of the FTZ include lower costs and increased profits from deferring, reducing and eliminating customs duties.

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Why Ohio Southeast


Southeast Ohio is connected through major US interstate, four lane quality highways.


355 miles of Ohio River shoreline border our region with access to five major terminals on the Ohio River Inland Waterway.


Rail service includes Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation, local and regional railroads.


Southeast Ohio is in close proximity to intermodal facilities in Columbus and local transload facilities.

Key Regional Assets

Ohio has nine foreign trade zones and is the only state in the Midwest with direct shipping routes to Europe for both container and heavy goods.

Our taxes, wage rates, and utility costs are below national and regional averages. Ohio taxes are some of the most favorable in the USA for manufacturing or any business selling goods and services outside of Ohio.

In 2021, the Tax Foundation ranked Ohio 4th most favorable for capital intensive manufacturers for mature firms and 3rd for capital intensive manufacturing for new firms.

Fast Facts

  • Ohio has the fourth largest interstate highway system in the nation

  • Ohio ranked 5th Best Regulatory Environment by Forbes Magazine

  • Great market access by highway, rail & Ohio River barge

  • Taxes, wage rates, and utility costs below national and regional averages

  • Ohio is the 4th largest state measured by manufacturing output

Regional Snapshot

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Katy Farber, OhioSE VP, directly oversees the OhioSE-JobsOhio project management efforts. She was an OhioSE Project Manager for five years, working with eight of the southern-most counties in the region prior to her vice presidency promotion.

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Southeastern Ohio is the Choice

“We’re excited to continue expanding our distribution center and adding more jobs into the community here in Waverly. This facility has helped us to streamline our operations and increase our supply chain efficiency, and increased space will allow our company and this community to continue improving.”

Alex Melvin Rural King CEO

Leading Logistics and Distribution Companies In The OhioSE Region