American Heavy Plates, LLC Adding Finishing Facility to Monroe County Operations

American Heavy Plates Solutions, LLC, in collaboration with JobsOhio, the Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE), and the Monroe County Port Authority, today announced a commitment to invest more than $10 million to further expand its operations in Monroe County.

Founded in 2017, American Heavy Plates Solutions is a supplier of made-to-order heavy carbon and alloy steel plates and finished parts. It focuses on rapid production, processing, and distribution of heavy plates and plate parts for everything from bridges to submarines. The company is looking to add a finishing facility, which will allow it to increase production of current product offerings, as well as open production of new products.

“American Heavy Plate Solutions’ continued growth at its Monroe County facility demonstrates the company’s confidence in Southeast Ohio’s manufacturing talent,” said JobsOhio President and CEO J.P. Nauseef. “This latest investment will bring cutting-edge machinery and equipment that will boost American Heavy Plate Solution’s efficiencies and capacity as demand rises across sector lines for its high-quality steel plates.”

The investment in machinery and equipment is estimated at $9.9 million with another $1 million needed for facility upgrades.

“American Heavy Plates is proud to have established a notable presence in Southeast Ohio in a very short period of time and is also excited to announce this new round of investments that will increase our capabilities and create new jobs in the area,” said Roxana Stoicea, American Heavy Plates CFO. “We are happy to offer jobs such as crane operators, flame-cutting specialists, and electricians, just to name a few, to qualified individuals.”

“In addition, we have created an apprenticeship program with on-the-job training for student-paid interns. Our hope is that by introducing them to a manufacturing environment and by offering them developmental opportunities within our company, some of them will become full-time employees at AHP and will continue to contribute to the local community,” said Stoicea. “We appreciate all the support we have received from local government organizations and look forward to this continued partnership.”

The project was supported by a tax credit from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. JobsOhio is assisting through a JobsOhio Grant. OhioSE helped the company through the process necessary to obtain assistance. The Monroe County Port Authority, which owns the Hannibal Industrial Park, is also offering support for the project.

“We congratulate American Heavy Plates Solutions on the expansion of operations in Monroe County, said OhioSE vice president, Katy Farber. “This part of the OhioSE region has a strong presence in supplying the manufacturing industry with steel product and this growth keeps the company competitive while adding jobs and new investment.”

The JobsOhio Economic Development Grant promotes economic development, business expansion, and job creation by funding for eligible projects throughout the state. The ongoing partnership American Heavy Plates Solutions has with JobsOhio and OhioSE has helped nurture the company’s growth. In 2020, the company had 65 employees, it now has 153.

“We could not be more pleased to assist with the continued growth and success of American Heavy Plates Solutions, said Monroe County Port Authority Director, Jason Hamman. “We have developed a great working relationship with the company and truly appreciate their significant contribution to the local economy.”

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Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) is the JobsOhio Network Partner for southern, eastern, and southeastern Ohio, providing economic development work and resources in 25 rural counties. Geographically the largest of the seven regions across the state, OhioSE partners closely with regional development districts, local economic development offices, state agencies, and other entities to expand, retain, and attract businesses in the counties they serve.

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