Regional Economic Prosperity Plan

TOGETHER we can achieve PROSPERITY in SE Ohio, but make no mistake, it will take ALL of us, and thanks to a large, dedicated group of committed partners, we now have a Regional Economic Prosperity Plan. Our 25-county region’s economic development strategic plan, the Prosperity Plan, was generated at a grass-roots level and will enable the region of southern, eastern and southeastern Ohio to speak with one voice with the goal of garnering additional resources to continue to move us forward.

Throughout the planning process in early 2019, it became abundantly clear that there are a number of passionate, committed individuals, businesses, educators, non-profits and more, ready and willing to do their part to move the region of southern and eastern Ohio forward. We are thrilled and encouraged that we received as much support as we did throughout the process and are looking forward to continued success as we work together. Learn more. Join us. Spread the word.

The Appalachian Partnership, Inc. (API) and Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) embarked on the first-ever regional economic development strategic planning process for the 25-county OhioSE service region. The outcome of that very inclusive and highly participatory planning process is this plan, known as the Regional Economic Prosperity Plan.

The planning process encompassed three phases of research, employer engagement, analysis, stakeholder input and action planning. Two reports provided analysis to inform and inspire plan development:

  1. ‘Insights of the APEG Region’ presented the research completed in Phase I of the planning process. The research and analysis illustrated current conditions of the regional economy, drawing attention to critical weaknesses that are holding back the region from economic growth and prosperity. The purpose of this report was not simply a study of findings; the core purpose for this research was to inspire actionable solutions in subsequent phases of the Economic Prosperity Planning process.
  2. Target Industries for the OhioSE Region identified and recommended “best fit” industries based on sound data and alignment to the OhioSE region’s strengths for supporting industry success.

A critical component of the planning process was the intentional design for a highly participatory effort.

Thirty-six (36) work sessions were hosted across the region involving 453 stakeholders and partners. 194 of these participants were business leaders who shared candid comments, and several are stepping up to work on strategy implementation.

Why does this participation matter? Ownership of the Economic Prosperity Plan is the result, which fosters increased energy to support and act on the plan, and ultimately gain the commitment to implement and move forward.

13 Initiatives in 4 Categories


  • Employer Roundtables
  • Advocating for the Region


  • Site & Spec Building Development
  • Business Financing Gaps
  • Broadband Infrastructure


  • Incumbent Worker Upskilling
  • Business Engagement with Career Awareness
  • Talent Recruitment to the Region


  • Focused Existing Business Growth
  • Cluster Development
  • Targeted Business Attraction
  • Website Enhancements
  • Community Technical Assistance


Not involved but want to be? Email and let us know. You can choose to work on any (or all) of the thirteen initiatives to help make SE (southern, eastern and southeastern) Ohio a great place to live work and play!