Metal Processing Company Announces Investment in Jackson, Ohio; Creation of 90 Jobs

Ohio Metal Processing, a recycler of precious metals, in collaboration with JobsOhio, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) and Jackson County Ohio Economic Development Partnership, today announced plans to locate in Jackson creating 90 new jobs with a projected payroll of $7 million. The company utilizes patented sustainable technologies to recycle base metal substrates plated with precious metals from a wide range of scrap materials and industry bi-products. Ohio Metal Processing plans to locate in the 80,000 sq. ft. site formerly occupied by Ohio Precious Metals.

“We are excited today to announce our plans to locate in Jackson creating new, high-paying jobs for a wonderful community with a knowledgeable and experienced work force,” said Dale Johnson, President and Managing Director of Ohio Metal Processing. “This is a very opportune time for our company with copper and silver prices at or near market highs, while Jackson provides us with a logistically convenient location to our suppliers and the consumers of our products.”

The company utilizes environmentally responsible processes with no toxic discharges, low energy use, and neglible carbon footprint according to Johnson. “Our initial targets are silver plated substrates from which we produce clean recycled, high-grade silver and base metals,” said Johnson.

“This is the first processing site of its kind in the United States and an exciting announcement for the community of Jackson and Jackson County,” said Mike Jacoby, president of OhioSE. “This development is a good example of how JobsOhio, OhioSE and the private sector can work together to create new opportunities that help southeastern Ohio become more resilient.”

JobsOhio is working with Ohio Metal Processing to provide expertise in job hiring and training through its Talent Acquisition Services program. The JobsOhio TAS program is intended for companies that are expanding in, or are new to Ohio. Additionally, JobsOhio is providing a $125,000 Revitalization Grant to help renovate the building to meet the company’s needs.

“On behalf of the Jackson County Economic Development Partnership (JCEDP), Jackson Mayor Randy Evans, and the Jackson County Commissioners, I am pleased to welcome and celebrate Ohio Metal Processing’s announced multi-million dollar investment and commitment of 90 new jobs in Jackson County,” said JCEDP CEO Sam Brady. “This first of its kind of in the United States metal processing project shows the great strength of manufacturing diversity Jackson County and southern Ohio has to offer, and our community looks forward to being part of Ohio Metal Processing’s success for years to come,” Brady added.

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