Governor DeWine Applauds $3.57 Million JobsOhio Infrastructure Investment

Governor DeWine Applauds $3.57 Million JobsOhio Infrastructure Investment to Provide Foundation for Increased Investment and High-Paying Jobs in Southeastern Ohio

A new sewer line promises to open new economic opportunities in Scioto and Lawrence County through the commitment of several partners.

Contractors from Tribute Contracting and Consultants are on site now to install nearly 5.5 miles of 8-inch forced main sewer line along Gallia Pike and Route 1A. The $4.16-million construction project was made possible through the cooperation of two counties and a team of economic development organizations.

“This new sewer line will connect a corridor in Scioto and Lawrence Counties with premier access to transportation and additional utilities,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. “When complete, this will be an ideal destination for businesses seeking the advantage Southern Ohio provides to support their long-term success.”

JobsOhio, Ohio’s lead economic development organization, provided a $3.36 million grant to fund most of the cost of the sewer line infrastructure from Franklin Furnace in Scioto County to the Southern Ohio Industrial District site (the former Dow Chemical plant) near Hanging Rock in Lawrence County.

“This corridor provides Scioto and Lawrence counties a remarkable opportunity to grow high-paying jobs in Southern Ohio,” said JobsOhio President and CEO J.P Nauseef. “We are grateful for the incredible collaboration with our many partners in the region, which has been essential to creating an asset that will be tremendously attractive to companies looking to build their success in the North American market.”

Leaders from both counties, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE), the Scioto County Economic Development Office, the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission, and Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio (JEDISO) are all partners in the project.  

“This investment by JobsOhio and OhioSE is a game-changer for our river corridor,” said Scioto County Commissioner, Scottie Powell. “By adding sewer to this corridor we are able to fill a critical gap in our river sites’ ability to attract new industry. New jobs and investment will add new dollars to our local economy and tax base, which will strengthen quality of life in Scioto County.” 

The land corridor, located along the Ohio River, includes three large prime sites with direct access to the river, rail, highway transportation, and utilities suitable for heavy industry. The three sites include the Norfolk Southern Haverhill site, the Altivia site and the Southern Ohio Industrial District Former Dow Site. The sewer project will provide industrial sewer capacity to over 860 acres of developable land among the three sites. The availability of in-place utilities is an important factor that manufacturers consider in the site selection process as is transportation access to receive raw materials and move finished products to market.

“These sites are unique in that they are large properties along the Ohio River with rail, four lane highway access, massive utility capacities, and are out of the flood plain,” said OhioSE President, Mike Jacoby. “Particularly the Norfolk Southern site boasts very rare attributes that would make it ideal for large users needing lots of energy and the ability to move high volumes of freight.”

With the completion of the improved industrial sewer both counties will have increased acreage that is ready for development. The sites in Scioto and Lawrence counties are well-suited for industrial projects including aluminum, steel, chemical or other heavy industry.

“Lawrence County has developed a mature industrial park in The Point and we believe the Southern Ohio Industrial District is the next destination for new jobs in our county,” said Lawrence County Commissioner Deanna Holliday. “We are very thankful for the collaboration between JobsOhio and OhioSE to bring sewer service to the district.”

The collaboration between JobsOhio, OhioSE, Scioto and Lawrence counties, the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission (OVRDC), and Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio (JEDISO) is an investment in the future that will increase the competitiveness of southeastern Ohio in attracting heavy manufacturing industries to the region. The Lawrence Economic Development Corporation has been successful in attracting PureCycle to the Southern Ohio Industrial District.

“The Southern Ohio Industrial District is an advantageous park for manufacturing, logistics or chemical companies to take advantage of our river, rail, utility and highway assets,” said Lawrence Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) Executive Director, Dr. Bill Dingus. “Recently PureCycle Technologies chose the Southern Ohio Industrial District as its home and we look forward to welcoming additional investment thanks to JobsOhio and OhioSE’s help.”

Once completed, the sewer line will be turned-over to the Scioto County Sanitary Sewer Department for ownership and maintenance. Scioto County Sanitary Sewer Department is jointly managing the construction of the new sewer line with the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation.

“Scioto County is in a great position to attract additional heavy industry to our river corridor thanks to this investment,” said Scioto County Economic Development Director, Robert Horton. “JobsOhio and OhioSE have been a partner every step of the way in providing assistance to make this project a reality.”

The sewer service project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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