ELITE Program Seeks Companies Wanting to Accelerate Growth

The London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE program once again invites companies in Southeast Ohio to participate in its world-class development program to accelerate business growth.

The ELITE program is part of the London Stock Exchange Group and has supported hundreds of businesses looking to accelerate their growth, secure new funding, and upskill their management team—all with some amazing results. ELITE program companies have seen increases of up to 3x revenues and as much as 12x profitability. Now, ELITE is inviting small to medium-sized companies in southeast Ohio to participate and learn these growth strategies first-hand.

The ELITE program is a structured set of training sessions held for a cohort of business leaders and taught by experts from the USA and abroad. Participants benefit from strategic growth planning and networking with participants, graduates and instructors. Over 1,600 companies in 45 countries have participated in the ELITE program. Last year, 10 companies in southeast Ohio participated.

“The experience has been fantastic,” said Larry Kidd, CEO of thinkHIRE in Jackson, Ohio. “We have improved our business through the learnings of the seminars and the speakers.”  

JobsOhio, Ohio’s non-profit economic development organization, is subsidizing the cost of participation in the program. Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE), the regional JobsOhio Network Partner for 25 counties in southern and eastern Ohio, is helping to identify companies that may be interested.

“Economic development is not just about providing incentives for competitive projects that could go to another state,” according to Mike Jacoby, president of OhioSE, “Sometimes it’s helping gazelle companies really take off. The ELITE program is a tangible way JobsOhio and OhioSE can support high-growth potential companies expand their horizons and get expert training on how to grow their businesses.”  

For those companies that experience business growth, the ELITE program can also provide capital raising services. Since 2012, LSEG ELITE has assisted with over 1,200 transactions that have raised over $16 billion. 

We are excited to be able to extend this opportunity to companies in the Ohio Southeast region, but there are limited spaces available. The program will begin on December 7, so please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested in engaging. We invited you to contact us today to get started!